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It is fun! Admit it . At some point you may have dreamt of starring in your own film. Now this is your chance to shine. Your ideas matter in the course of production, too . It’s your story, after all! What matters most is to share your story to your love ones


A 5-7 minutes video with a matching soundtrack filled with all your best moments of the day. It may include some audio edits like your “I dos” and wishful messages from your guests that cannot be captured in a photo. It is something short and sweet that allow you to watch and relive your special day again and again.


It is eco-friendly! It is nice to be able to save the trees. Videos are interesting and are more capable to capture people’s attention and you do not have to worry about your guests misplacing your invitation. It is easy to share your video through social media. Your guests can easily get information about your special day regardless where they are!


You might have spend a long time preparing for your special day and before you realised your wedding day just flies. A Long Story with approximately 40-60 minutes edit of the best bits of your day – people’s expression, the vows, meaningful toasts and the details you might miss during your special day as a busy bride or groom. The video be lightly edited in chronological order that unfolds your day.


Our team will also work on to provide you with a fabulous 60-90 seconds teaser within 1-2 weeks after your special day. It allows you to share with your family and friends that might have missed your special day and keep everyone entertained while anticipating on your full film to be ready to rock and roll.


Hi, I’m Jeff 

The person behind the camera and owner of OIKOS Studio, born in Malaysia and educated in New Zealand with a major in Interior Architecture. With a passion for travel and a love for different cultures!

At OIKOS Studio, we specialize in delivering a personalized experience for couples in and around Perth. Our team embraces a documentary approach to capture your precious moments and tell your unique story.

We value getting to know each couple and offering customized services based on their needs. We make the process leading up to your wedding personal and fun. Our videography style draws inspiration from architecture and landscapes, infusing creativity into our final products.

If you're intrigued by our approach and experience, let's chat about your special day. Schedule a coffee date, and we'll listen to your story and discuss how we can make your wedding photo and videos unforgettable. 

We want to hear all about you and your amazing tale! Your adventures, your quirks, your love story - it's what truly lights us up. So spill the beans, share the juicy details, and let's create some magic together. We can't wait to dive into your world and capture the essence of your special day. It's your time to shine, so go ahead and tell us everything!


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